Fresh Air Fridays

What is Fresh Air Fridays?

Fresh Air Fridays is a personal development membership community, where everyone is accepted just as they are. One of the underlying beliefs is that everyone has the capacity to be happy and that success follows happiness. Another belief is the understanding that we all need time in a natural environment in order to thrive; moving our bodies and stilling our minds. Fresh Air Fridays sessions support you to have that time and teach you the skills that enable you to grow in both your personal and work life.

Who is it for?

Fresh Air Fridays is for everyone!  The community sessions are open to individuals but there are also programmes designed for businesses and organisations.  Fresh Air Fridays for Business and for Organisations can support your teams’ health and wellbeing in the workplace.  The programmes will include learning and practicing skills to manage stress, restore energy, improve team connection, enable more effective communication and problem solving.  Get in touch to find out more about how Fresh Air Fridays could make your workplace a happier, healthier, more productive place to be.  Email:

What happens on a Fresh Air Friday session?

Sessions are lead by a facilitator who guides the group to explore the current topic. Sessions also introduce breathing and relaxation techniques during the course of a gentle walk. The size of the group varies depending on who can attend; usually there are between 2 to 8 people. You do not need to know anything in advance because the facilitator will explain what you need to know during the session. Sessions take place whatever the weather, so dress appropriately.

Is it always on a Friday?

No, not always. Sessions run across the country on different days.  I currently offer one Friday and one weekend day session a month.  Click here to find out more about Mo’s sessions.

How can I find out more?

To find a session near you have a look at the Fresh Air Fridays website, where you can also book onto your free taster session.

This video gives a flavour of what Fresh Air Fridays sessions are about.