My Sessions

You are invited to my Fresh Air Fridays sessions!

I currently offer one Friday and one weekend session per calendar month.

Friday sessions: 10am-1pm

Weekend sessions: 9am-12 noon

Location: North Bristol, exact location will be confirmed a week prior to the session.

Please contact me to reserve your place.

First taster session is FREE.

My Motivation

There are three factors which played a significant part in my desire to be a Fresh Air Fridays Facilitator.  Firstly, I love nature and find great comfort in the gentle, continuous rhythm of the changing seasons.  Secondly, I know that walking provides me with a sense of peace and calm; I like the steady forward motion.  Thirdly, I am passionate about contributing to others, wanting to support people to find their voice and for that unique voice to be heard.

Fresh Air Fridays is an opportunity to experience some physical and emotional space just for you.  It creates opportunities to make small, manageable and effective changes, which might be minor tweaks or major transformations.  Changes that could be the key to having the life you want and a life you love.

I believe that everyone possesses the answers to their own life’s questions even when it feels that sometimes the opposite might be true.  Often all it takes is for someone to ask the right questions and truly hear the reply.

I am committed to supporting you to find your own answers, answers that are right for you; seeing and reflecting your greatness until you can see it for yourself.